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Facing Reality Through Fiction

40,000 Words and Counting

on 11/19/2012

For the sake of National Novel Writing Month I have successfully switched off my inner editor and have been able to write 40,000 words so far this month. (I am tired. I am also starting to speak in a West Texas accent whenever anyone asks me about the book.

I have also realized the old adage “Write what you know” must be correct, because it doesn’t matter what I start writing about, my characters turn out to resemble someone I know, or have habits that I myself have. I have also realized that God tends to pop up in my writing as well.  It’s natural for my characters to pray and go to church because that is what I do.

Well, for the past two weeks I have been living in an imaginary town, dealing with imaginary problems, proving once again that the life inside my head is so much more interesting than the life I actually lead.  Move over Walter Mitty.

Let’s just hope that I’m not deceiving myself in my writing ability, because I would love to someday put this imaginary world of mine to good use.

Question: What can a game warden do if he believes the sheriff and one of his deputies murdered a man, but he has no proof, because the sheriff and his deputy are the ones gathering the evidence?

Pages: 150

Word Count: 41,151

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