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Virtually Uneventful

ImageTuesday, October 3

Heard scratching above office ceiling


Put chair on desk and climbed up


Scared him more than me

Never knew raccoons hissed

Fell off chair

Fell off desk

Rode in ambulance

Sixteen stitches

Facebook status: My office has 36 ceiling tiles


ImageFriday, November 10

Walking into store to get groceries


Everyone hit the pavement

Bullet hole

Too close for comfort

Questioned by police

Interviewed by reporter

Two dead

One injured

Will need to replace fender

Before Dad sees

Facebook status: I forgot to get grapes at store


ImageSunday, December 24

Driving home for Christmas


Decide to take alternate route

Flat tire

Swerving in and out of my lane

Finally get pulled over

Broken jack

No spare

Dead phone

Present transfer

Friendly tow truck driver

Facebook status: Merry Christmas!


ImageSunday, December 31

Reviewing Facebook page


 To think nothing ever happens


To live more exciting life next year

Run marathons

Try extreme sports

Distracted by cat

Nope, opossum

In house through cat door

Exterminator closed

Call police

Call animal control

Call Dad

Pack up cat

Head to parents

Facebook status: My life is virtually uneventful.


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To Be or Not to Be…a Cougar

I’m not.

Okay, here is the story that has caused a little controversy with some of my FB friends. This Monday, while I was sitting at home minding my own business, cutting up a Black Forest Cake that looked like my cat slept on it and making it into a trifle while watching “Major Crimes,” my 19-year-old neighbor (I use the term neighbor loosely, he lives in the next complex) knocked on my door.  He had injured his head and wondered if he could have a wet washcloth or something because he thought he was bleeding.  He was, but not much.  I let him in and got him a wet paper towel, and told him that he probably would want to put an icepack on it when he got home.  Then he started asking me questions.  Our conversation went a bit like this:

He glanced at the television, which was still on and asked, “So, what kind of shows do you like?”

“I like murder mysteries, but not the dark kind.  I like the ones with a bit of comedy in them.”

“So like 21 Jump Street?”

I had though he meant TV shows, since my TV was on, and I wondered why someone that looked so young would be referencing a TV show that was popular in the early 90s.  Then I remembered that it was recently turned into a movie. “I haven’t seen that movie yet, but I do like Channing Tatum.”

“So are you married?”



“No, I’ve never been married.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Do you have friends?”

“Of course, I have friends.” Who did this guy think I was? A hermit?

“Any guy friends.”

“Yeah, I have guy friends. I don’t hang out with them as much as my girl friends, but I have them.”

“No, I mean, guy friends with benefits?”

Color me clueless, but I still wasn’t getting it.  “No, I don’t do that.  It’s against my religion.”

“Are you a Christian?”

Wow! He got it without having to ask.  I guess we Christians aren’t doing such a bad job being in and not of the world.  “I am, and my life and my body belong to God.  If I ever get married, my body will belong to my husband, but right now, it’s God’s.”

“Do you want to hang out Friday night?”

I thought, why in the world would a cute, young guy like this want to hang out with me on Friday night. He should be hanging out with people his own age. So jokingly, I said, “Oh honey, I am way too old for you.”

He put his hand to his chest and tapped his heart.  “No, you’re not.”

Still, didn’t get it. “Yeah, sweetie, I’m pushing 40.  I’m 36-years-old.”

We went on to talk about magazines and soccer, which is when I found out he was nineteen.  When I walked him to the door, he hugged me.  And it wasn’t until he left that I thought, he asked some pretty personal questions.  Was he hitting on me?  I should have mentioned I have an 18-year-old niece.

I still don’t know if he was flirting with me, or not, but I’m choosing to be flattered, and if I ever see him again, I’ll mention my niece.

I don’t think I’d make much of a cougar.  I’m way too clueless.


NaNoWriMo: Struck

The most exciting thing that ever happened in Euldey, Texas, with the exception of Spencer Dick being struck with lightning three times in the same night, was the disappearance of Tolby Walker.

This year I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo (NaNo) for the first time.  I have decided to write Struck, which is a story I have thought about for years, and even started once.  Though I like the first line, I had to scrap the rest of it. I didn’t like the POV, so I’m going to write it in the POV of the town, Euldey, Texas.  Euldey is a made up town, in west Texas around Amarillo.  When I was around 3-years-old, we lived in Vega, Texas, and I’m kind of basing the town on some of my parents memories of Vega, combined with memories of my mother’s family and creations out of my own imagination.

Struck is about  a 15-year-old girl, Joanie searching to know her mother who died when she was born.  Her father never mentions her mother.  It seems to hurt him to think about her.  While searching in her father’s desk for thumb tacks, she discovers a stack of letters addressed to her father from a man she has never met.  In each one, this man makes a reference to her and to her mother and each letter is postmarked from Euldey, Texas.  Joanie decides to go to Euldey and search for this man who knew her mother.  However, finding this man proves to be more difficult than she thought, and what she learns about her mother leads her down a path strewn with family secrets that were buried the night she was born…along with other things.

We’ll see if I can get this story written (and written well) during the month of November.  However, I may have to give up sleep in order to get it done.  Wish me luck.

Find out more information at

Oh, and the title comes from the first line (the one I liked):

“The most exciting thing that ever happened in Euldey, Texas, with the exception of Spencer Dick being struck by lightning three times in the same night, was the disappearance of Tolby Walker.”

Yeah, I liked it too.

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