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The Day the Dryer Died

I was visiting another site, and reading about a woman who had  not been having a very good day.  Her central theme and hence her title was: My Dryer Isn’t Working! Now, when I read her title my mind was transported to what might have been the most frustrating day in someone’s life, where the dryer was just the last straw! Can’t you just see it?


It was a Tuesday.  I remember that because I’ve always liked Tuesdays.  I can’t tell you why.  I just have.  Maybe it was because Tuesday was the day after Monday, and the best part of Monday is the moment it becomes Tuesday, or maybe it was because Tuesday started with a T.  A lot of my favorite words start with a T, like  terrific and talented and tasty and Tony Delgado, the first boy I ever kissed.  I think that was on a Tuesday too. Needless to say, Tuesdays have always been good to me. So, why on this particular Tuesday was I crumpled in front of my dryer, a pile of wet clothes at my feet with a death grip on an aluminum bat, crying hysterically?  It’s a long story.

Stay Tuned…

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