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Facing Reality Through Fiction


Candles on the mantle

Of bayberry and spice

And two escalabras hold

Cinnamon tealights


Five more candles in the bedroom

Of a greenish-yellow hue

An oillamp in the bathroom

With shells of pink and blue


There are boxes in the dresser

And more boxes in hutch

Of tealights and votives

And tapers and such


But when the power fails

I discover there’s a catch

As I stumble in the darkness

My kingdom for a match

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Exhaustion Sets In

He was alone for 5 minutes

Now for a personal note.  I kept my nephew, an adorable little 4-year-old, for a 24-hour period, all by myself.  Big deal, right?  YES!  I am a single woman, without much experience with children and this was the longest time I had him all to myself.  I AM EXHAUSTED. Even after a Sunday for recovery. I can barely even think, which makes me irritable and a “joy” to have at work. My proverbial hat goes off to all mothers of 4-year-olds. You are truly amazing.

Asher and I swam, played at the park, and swam, and fed the ducks and turtles by the pond and swam, and swam and finally took a nap (PTL!)  But while he was with me I was able to love on him constantly, and he needs that. You see, his parents are going through a divorce, and my family is seeing first hand how that affects a small child.  He told me that his mother was gone, and she had left because of him.  My heart broke.  I told him that his mother did not leave because of him, and he said okay, but did he really believe that?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that when someone meets my, nephew they cannot help but love him.  He is friendly, loving, handsome, bright, and…Asher.  He is my favorite man, and I love him.

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Ideas: the Day the Dryer Died

I’m really good with ideas, and I can usually start a piece well, but after the first few pages, I usually get stuck.  That’s usually because I get so excited by my new idea that I don’t really flesh out the character or even the story before I begin.  So this blog is going to be about all the possibilities of where I could take The Day the Drier Died and the start of a good main character.

The main character: female, everything seems to be going right in her life.  She has a fiancé.  Let’s make him an up and coming lawyer.  She and her fiancé are closing on a house which should be finalized by the time they get married.  Job: lets say production assistant at a major retailer (just for grins).  Family: parents–healthy, happy, married, brother: divorced, has child, lots of drama in his life, she is the “good one.”

Problems she could encounter: getting dumped, parents splitting up, losing promotion, losing job, house falls through, house doesn’t fall through, fiancé loses job, fiancé caught cheating, father caught cheating, business being bought out, pet dies, parent dies, brother dies, car breaks down, ex-boyfriend comes back into her life, co-worker stabs her in the back, shipment of something gets held up/lost/damaged.

Should take place in August/September as retailers are gearing up for Christmas, if chose the job route that would be the perfect time for something to go wrong and be devastating.

I don’t particularly like unhappy endings so I will most likely have the first paragraph fall before the end of the story.  Which means she’s going to have to pull herself up by her boot straps.  She’s going to have to have great strength of character.  Let’s call her Hope.

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The Day the Dryer Died

I was visiting another site, and reading about a woman who had  not been having a very good day.  Her central theme and hence her title was: My Dryer Isn’t Working! Now, when I read her title my mind was transported to what might have been the most frustrating day in someone’s life, where the dryer was just the last straw! Can’t you just see it?


It was a Tuesday.  I remember that because I’ve always liked Tuesdays.  I can’t tell you why.  I just have.  Maybe it was because Tuesday was the day after Monday, and the best part of Monday is the moment it becomes Tuesday, or maybe it was because Tuesday started with a T.  A lot of my favorite words start with a T, like  terrific and talented and tasty and Tony Delgado, the first boy I ever kissed.  I think that was on a Tuesday too. Needless to say, Tuesdays have always been good to me. So, why on this particular Tuesday was I crumpled in front of my dryer, a pile of wet clothes at my feet with a death grip on an aluminum bat, crying hysterically?  It’s a long story.

Stay Tuned…

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Poems from Random Words: Olive

One of my favorite things to do is write a poem from a random word.  I used to be part of an online group on Gather that would send out a random work like “Spark” and ask that you create a poem around that word.  Here is a poem that I wrote from the word “Olive.”

The recipe says olives,

So I stand here in aisle three

With a million different olives

Staring back at me,


Atalanti, Kalamata,

Alfonso, Nicoise and Queen,

Brine-cured and lye-cured,

Royal, Black and Green.


There are olives stuffed with garlic,

Pimentos and assorted nuts.

I’d try those stuffed with habaneros,

But I haven’t got the guts.


Spanish olives, Greek olives,

California olives too.

The market’s full of olives,

And I don’t know what to do.


So I take a breath and close my eyes,

And then I start to think,

I’ll just go out for dinner

And have the olive in my drink.


My Journey to Insanity

Francois Truffaut said that everyone who works in the domain of fiction is a bit crazy. The problem is to render this craziness interesting.  Well, unlike Truffaut, I do not work in the domain of fiction–I live there.  But don’t worry.  I’m not crazy–at least, not yet.  However, if being crazy is required for working in the domain of fiction, my goal is to be absolutely crackers.

In this blog, I am going to track my journey through writing and publishing a fiction novel.  Though I am sure I will take side trips down short stories, poems, ideas for other novels and that thing that always seems to get in the way–real life.

So keep your hands in arms inside the ride at all times, because here we go!

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