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Exhaustion Sets In

on 06/20/2011

He was alone for 5 minutes

Now for a personal note.  I kept my nephew, an adorable little 4-year-old, for a 24-hour period, all by myself.  Big deal, right?  YES!  I am a single woman, without much experience with children and this was the longest time I had him all to myself.  I AM EXHAUSTED. Even after a Sunday for recovery. I can barely even think, which makes me irritable and a “joy” to have at work. My proverbial hat goes off to all mothers of 4-year-olds. You are truly amazing.

Asher and I swam, played at the park, and swam, and fed the ducks and turtles by the pond and swam, and swam and finally took a nap (PTL!)  But while he was with me I was able to love on him constantly, and he needs that. You see, his parents are going through a divorce, and my family is seeing first hand how that affects a small child.  He told me that his mother was gone, and she had left because of him.  My heart broke.  I told him that his mother did not leave because of him, and he said okay, but did he really believe that?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that when someone meets my, nephew they cannot help but love him.  He is friendly, loving, handsome, bright, and…Asher.  He is my favorite man, and I love him.

One response to “Exhaustion Sets In

  1. Jamie Nations says:

    With all of your love and support, I know Asher will get through this. Four-year-olds are exhausting, I know, but he will remember his special day with you. Just keep being there for him. Jamie

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