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Ideas: the Day the Dryer Died

on 06/15/2011

I’m really good with ideas, and I can usually start a piece well, but after the first few pages, I usually get stuck.  That’s usually because I get so excited by my new idea that I don’t really flesh out the character or even the story before I begin.  So this blog is going to be about all the possibilities of where I could take The Day the Drier Died and the start of a good main character.

The main character: female, everything seems to be going right in her life.  She has a fiancé.  Let’s make him an up and coming lawyer.  She and her fiancé are closing on a house which should be finalized by the time they get married.  Job: lets say production assistant at a major retailer (just for grins).  Family: parents–healthy, happy, married, brother: divorced, has child, lots of drama in his life, she is the “good one.”

Problems she could encounter: getting dumped, parents splitting up, losing promotion, losing job, house falls through, house doesn’t fall through, fiancé loses job, fiancé caught cheating, father caught cheating, business being bought out, pet dies, parent dies, brother dies, car breaks down, ex-boyfriend comes back into her life, co-worker stabs her in the back, shipment of something gets held up/lost/damaged.

Should take place in August/September as retailers are gearing up for Christmas, if chose the job route that would be the perfect time for something to go wrong and be devastating.

I don’t particularly like unhappy endings so I will most likely have the first paragraph fall before the end of the story.  Which means she’s going to have to pull herself up by her boot straps.  She’s going to have to have great strength of character.  Let’s call her Hope.

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