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Curse You Paying Job

on 11/05/2012







Cramped fingers

Sore back

Apartment littered with empty boxes of Chinese takeout.

Mind that cannot stop thinking about the next word that goes down on the page.

Like most of it so far, but can’t go back and change anything, yet. Not during NaNoWriMo.

I forgot how wonderful it felt to just sit down and write all day.  Oh, I got up every now and then to stretch and walk around the apartment when I was unsure of what to write next.

I am writing my novel in an accent.  A West Texas accent so I have a lot of practice. But by Sunday when I called some of the ladies in my Bible Study, I realized that accent was coming out of my mouth on the phone.

The first thing I thought this morning, after “how long can I stay in bed until I really have to pee, and why did I have a dream about working in a convenience store like I did when I was in college” was I left Joanie confused, Max angry, Eddye cooking dinner, and Will was about to come over.  Should I end the chapter now or have the meal and the nighttime confession before I start the next chapter. Dilemma.  And one I can’t solve until tonight.

Maybe I should have asked for November off.

Pages: 37

Word Count: 10,024

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