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Virtually Uneventful

on 10/25/2012

ImageTuesday, October 3

Heard scratching above office ceiling


Put chair on desk and climbed up


Scared him more than me

Never knew raccoons hissed

Fell off chair

Fell off desk

Rode in ambulance

Sixteen stitches

Facebook status: My office has 36 ceiling tiles


ImageFriday, November 10

Walking into store to get groceries


Everyone hit the pavement

Bullet hole

Too close for comfort

Questioned by police

Interviewed by reporter

Two dead

One injured

Will need to replace fender

Before Dad sees

Facebook status: I forgot to get grapes at store


ImageSunday, December 24

Driving home for Christmas


Decide to take alternate route

Flat tire

Swerving in and out of my lane

Finally get pulled over

Broken jack

No spare

Dead phone

Present transfer

Friendly tow truck driver

Facebook status: Merry Christmas!


ImageSunday, December 31

Reviewing Facebook page


 To think nothing ever happens


To live more exciting life next year

Run marathons

Try extreme sports

Distracted by cat

Nope, opossum

In house through cat door

Exterminator closed

Call police

Call animal control

Call Dad

Pack up cat

Head to parents

Facebook status: My life is virtually uneventful.


One response to “Virtually Uneventful

  1. Jamie Chance says:

    Love it!

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