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Facing Reality Through Fiction


on 06/14/2012

A co-worker of mine has recently encouraged me to try and get some of my poems published, or even self-publish a book of my poems and at least give them to my mom as a gift.  I don’t know if I will do that, but I have been reading through the poems I have written in the last few years.  I ran across this one, which was inspired by  the times when my family drove from Central Missouri to West Texas to see my grandparents.  As I am currently planning a road trip with my mother, this poem seems like a perfect one to share.

The poem is aptly titled–



To distraction

By your constant whining.

No, we’re not there yet.

Please stop playing with the radio.


To Confusion.

By your navigation

I don’t have another left.

What do you mean we’re on a toll road?


To Insanity

After 12 hours with no bathroom break.

I’ve really got to pee.

No I can’t make it 50 more miles


To Murder

Everyone else in the car.

There’s a shovel in the trunk

No one will even notice you’re gone


To Grandma’s house

Barely able to walk inside

It’s lovely to see you.

We’re never leaving.



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