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Word of the Day: Sakura

on 02/15/2012

Sukura as a girl’s name is Japanese in origin and means “cherry blossom.”  So why is the three-day anime convention held in Washington state called Sakura-con?

Well, it seems that the conference was originally named Baka-Con, baka being the Japanese word for idiot (I am not making this up).  So maybe it’s no wonder that they changed the name, especially since the best loved flower of the Japanese is said to be the cherry blossom.  In Japan, because of their fragility, cherry blossoms have been used to symbolize the transience of life.

Sakura is also the Chinese word for cherry blossom. However, in China, cherry blossoms are the symbol of feminine dominance, feminine beauty and sexuality, which also fits in with anime. So is guess the answer is:  Why not Sakura-Con?

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