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before i fall, by Lauren Oliver

on 07/12/2011

You know, it’s amazing how a good book can change your perspective on your day, your week and sometimes even your life.  I am currently reading before i fall, by Lauren Oliver, an author who with her first novel (the one I’m reading) has been nominated by teens and the ALA for one of the “YALSA Top Ten Teen books for 2011 And I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying this book. So much that last night I stayed up until almost one o’clock reading it and then woke up an hour early, on my own, with a smile on my face, to continue reading it. I drove to work barely getting upset, although three people cut me off and I thought one was going to hit me.  I smiled all the way into work, and didn’t lose my smile until my boss came in and totally confused me about something by talking in half sentences and never completing a thought, like I’m supposed to read her mind, but since I’m haven’t been that involved in the project and she’s obviously had conversations about it to others that I know nothing about, my brow started to furrow and she asked me why I was looking at her like she was crazy.  But I digress.

before i fall is about a popular senior girl at Thomas Jefferson High School, who gets in a car accident coming home from a party and dies…or does she?  For instead of a white light and angels, she wakes up in her own bedroom and has to live through the day of her death again.  Now, she is stuck in a loop and every time she goes to sleep, she wakes up the morning of her accident, and every day she discovers something new about that day.  It’s almost Groundhog’s Day goes to high school.  The main character Samantha discovers things about herself, how her actions and the actions of her friends affect people.

I have a little over 100 pages to go and I can’t wait until lunch so I can pick it up again.

One response to “before i fall, by Lauren Oliver

  1. Sverige says:

    This book, is a story of one where you can’t just leave after reading, the lessons that must be learned reaches far beyond the conscious reader’s minds. It made me question some part of myself and my doings too..
    It made me realize how short really life is, we should be thankful for each day we live..and that we should use it to make a difference in someone’s life… and it’s a fulfilling thing to die happily helping others… the ending is heart-breaking and mind-opening.
    Ms. Oliver did a YA masterpiece, which is powerful, thought-provoking and in-lined with teenage tastes… this is not just for teens but for everyone out there.

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